Supply Support and Configuration Status Accounting

AMSEC is a well-recognized and known industry leader in all aspects of government and commercial Supply Support (SS), Configuration Status Accounting (CSA), and Asset Management.  We deliver regimented “cradle to grave” Supply Support / Configuration Status Accounting / Asset Management services that are driven by our understanding that America’s war-fighting service members must have appropriate functional equipment delivered on-time in order to effectively and safely perform their military operations.

Supply Support

AMSEC provides Supply Support / provisioning services to ensure equipment/system life-cycle operational and maintenance needs are optimally achieved. We accomplish this by using a variety of DoD and commercially available tools and databases, including CDMD-OA (SCLSIS), ICAPS, Haystack Gold, WSF, ICPNet, FedLog, GDAPL, SAP, Eagle, PowerLOG-J, ROMIS, COMPASS, and NDE-NM.

Product offerings include:  G16-175-Supply-Support

  • Provisioning Parts Lists (PPL)
  • Statement of Prior Submissions (SPS)
  • Long Lead-Time Items Lists (LLTIL)
  • Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists (RPSTL)
  • Installation and Checkout spares lists (INCO)
  • General Use Consumables Lists (GUCL)
  • Common and Bulk Items Lists (CBIL)
  • Allowance Parts Lists (APL)
  • Allowance Equipage Lists (AEL)
  • Allowance Appendix Pages (AAP)
  • Miscellaneous parts lists (89000 series)
  • Consolidated Onboard Spares Allowance List (COSAL) inputs / obsolescence management
  • ICAPS data entry (with corresponding Engineering Data for Provisioning [EDFP])
  • LSA-036 – provisioning reporting
  • Support & Test Equipment (S&TE)


Configuration Status Accounting (CSA)

AMSEC was the first industry contractor to obtain NAVSEA 04 Configuration Data Management (CDM) certification. We have been a NAVSEA 04-certified CDM or sponsored CDM since 1999, thus providing continuous, quality aircraft carrier (CVN65/68/78) and submarine (SSN688/SSN21) class CDM service.

AMSEC has a dedicated staff and over 30 years of configuration management and supply experience on both coasts of the United States. We support multiple U.S. Navy vessels and asset platforms (e.g., CVNs, SSNs, Combatants, Amphibious Assault Ships, etc.) during shipyard new construction and overhaul/availability scheduled maintenance periods.

AMSEC typically monitors and processes tens of millions of CDMD-OA records each year. With a staff of over 50 NAVSEA CDMD-OA-certified logisticians, our CDM efforts are performed in full compliance with the Navy’s SCLSIS Tech Spec 9090-700 (series) and Configuration Management (CM) requirements and guidance documents, including:

  • GEIA-STD-0007: Logistics Product Data
  • EIA-649A: National Consensus Standard for CM
  • MIL-HDBK-61A: Military Handbook, CM Guidance

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AMSEC also provides maintenance, modernization, engineering, design, information technology, data management and training solutions in addition to our logistics support services. For more detail, please visit the following capabilities pages and brochures:

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