Navy / Army / Commercial

AMSEC’s expertise includes marine engineering analyses and design services, naval architecture studies, shipyard industrial engineering, HM&E/C4I installation and support services, and waterfront systems testing and maintenance. Our skill and knowledge span the spectrum of life-cycle integrated logistics services, including technical manual development, system provisioning and data management, maintenance engineering and planning, inventory and warehouse management, instructional system design, and end-to-end training solutions.

AMSEC is a certified CMMI-Level 3 provider of enterprise software design and development, network and database management, cyber security, web services, and system certification and accreditation.

Most if not all of the complex activities in which AMSEC participates cut across more than just one of the specific capabilities mentioned above.  In addition, these capabilities build on a firm managerial foundation weaved with the threads of traditional business management, information technology, internal and exported training, and key personnel hiring and management.

Below you will find links to many of our capabilities, each summarized in an easily read and printable PDF format.  Additionally, many of our summaries provide direct contact information to our business development team.  Please select the documents surrounding your area of interest from the list below.  We welcome your inquiries and the opportunity to meet and exceed your expectations.

Capabilities Brochures: